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Your Well-Being is in Good Hands


Are you struggling to cope with issues that leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated? 

Have you recently found yourself needing counseling, mental health, substance use or anger management services for employment or legal purposes?

As a licensed master's level behavioral health practitioner with over 17 years of experience, Misti is here to help guide you through life's challenges with the care and respect you deserve. 

Keep scrolling to learn about all the services offered online and in person at Misti Luke, LCSW Private Practice located in beautiful Broken Bow, Oklahoma. 

Holding Hands

In 2015, Misti Luke, LCSW Private Practice opened the doors to adults struggling with depression, anxiety, life stressors, lost or damaged relationships, drug and alcohol misuse and related disorders.  


In addition to traditional therapy and counseling, Misti also provides; online counseling, comprehensive mental health, and substance abuse evaluations,  anger management services, and substance abuse group therapy that can be used to satisfy legal requirements.

Convenient Location

 The office is conveniently located five blocks west of Love's Country Store, just off of US Hwy 259. 


Front door parking.


Handicap accessible.

Services are offered online using a secure web-based

telehealth portal or in person. 

Outpatient Treatment Tailored to Fit You

Choosing to seek help through counseling is a sign of strength and courage.  You can receive professional guidance, treatment, and support to work through difficult issues, make positive life changes, and move towards a happier tomorrow. 


Over the past seventeen years, Misti has been honored to work with hundreds of clients who have trusted her as their therapist. Serving individuals, couples, and groups in a non-judgmental fashion while leading with compassion, professionalism, and respect are the cornerstones of Misti's counseling practice. 


Your call or email  is welcomed to discuss the possibility of forming a therapeutic relationship with Misti to help you meet your personal or professional  life goals. 

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Online Counseling

Misti Luke, LCSW Private Practice provides online video-counseling and assessments to Oklahoma residents.

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