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Autumn sunset
My grandmother once said,
grief is the price we pay for love. 
-Prince William


Death and loss affect each person differently. During the grieving process, it is normal to experience, sadness but it is also common to feel  additional painful emotions such as anger, anxiety, panic, denial, guilt, and forgetfulness,  

Losing someone can leave a permanent void in your life and disrupt the regularity of your day-to-day routine. Talking to a licensed therapist can help you better identify and process the emotions you're feeling and assist you in coping with those emotions more healthily.

If you're going through a significant life transition, such as struggling with a terminal illness or have recently lost a loved one through death or divorce, you don't have to struggle alone. 

Misti Luke, LCSW Private Practice, offers online grief and bereavement counseling for adults and seniors in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. For more information, contact Misti's office via email or by calling 580-212-2283.

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