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Affordable SAP Assessments

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Did you fail a DOT drug test for work? 

If you failed or refused a DOT drug test on the job, Department of Transportation's Drug and Alcohol Regulations prohibit you from returning to safety-sensitive duties with any DOT-regulated company until you complete the DOT SAP return-to-duty process. 

Misti Luke, LCSW is a fully qualified Substance Abuse Professional, (SAP) in McCurtain County Oklahoma. She's on standby to help when you need it most.


That means you don't have to give up your career! Call Misti @ (580) 212-2283 to schedule your SAP Assessment today. 


  • Payment options available

  • Same day appointments 

  • SAP services provided online

  • DOT Clearinghouse consultation available

  • Return to duty

  • 100% Confidential 

Is your company regulated by one of the six agencies governed by the US Department of Transportation? 


DOT SAP return-to-duty guidelines must be followed for any prospective employee/employee who is found to be operating in a safety-sensitive position while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Department of Transportation regulations requires all employers to provide their employees with the contact information of a SAP, even when the company has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy in place. 


With frequent updates and additions to the law, you can feel confident when you make a referral to Misti Luke, LCSW, that you have an approved SAP and are in full compliance with all DOT rules and regulations. 

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Misti Luke, LCSW is a fully qualified Substance Abuse Professional, (SAP) in McCurtain County Oklahoma. She's on standby to help when you need it most.

How Does the SAP Process Work? 

1st- a confirmed DOT violation for alcohol or illicit drugs exists.  At that time, the employee must stand down from safety-sensitive duties until the employee completes the DOT-regulated return-to-duty process. The employee requests their SAP in the Clearinghouse website. 


2nd- The SAP logs onto the Clearinghouse and accepts the employee's request.


3rd-  The SAP conducts an initial SAP assessment with the employee which takes place online.  The SAP then makes a recommendation for the employee which includes a recommendation for drug or alcohol treatment or education. The employee completes his/her recommendation(s). 


4th- The employee attends the follow-up SAP evaluation either in person or online.  This is known as the return-to-duty appointment.  SAP provides the employee/employer a copy of the follow- up SAP report detailing level of compliance. SAP updates employee's Clearinghouse. 


5th- The employee takes a DOT return to duty drug or alcohol test.  This will be ordered by the present or future employer.


6th- Go back to work.  You are now free to resume safety-sensitive duties per Department of Transportation and will undergo random DOT drug tests while driving. 

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