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Practice Information

Length of  Sessions


Initial Assessment: 90-120 min. 

Individual and family therapy:  50-60 min.

Couples counseling:  50-60 min.

Mental health/Substance use assessments:  90-120 min.  

Anger management/ psycho-education:  60 min. 

Group therapy:  60 - 90 min.

Online Counseling: 60 min. 


Counseling Time Frame

The counseling time frame varies widely for each client. Treatment length can range from 1 session to several months, depending on client goals and the nature and severity of symptoms. 


New Clients

New clients accepted on a case-by-case basis. 


Your time is valuable.  Please be on time for your appointment, as it may be impossible to extend your session past the allotted time scheduled. 


Items Needed For First Appointment

*Photo ID

*Insurance Card

*Method of Payment 


Time of Payment

Private pay fee/insurance co-payment is due when services are rendered.  For questions about counseling and therapy fees contact the office. 

Cancellation Policy

Unforeseen circumstances can sometimes occur.  Please make every effort to contact the office at 580-706-2082 or 580-212-2283 twenty-four hours prior to your scheduled appointment time in the event you need to cancel or reschedule. 

No-Show Fee 

There is no charge for no-show appointments.  However, two consecutive no show/no call appointments result in being discharged from services. 
Phone Messages 

During regular business hours, I am often in session and not available by phone.  I return calls between sessions as time allows.  If you are unable to reach me and need immediate assistance, contact your primary care physician or in case of an emergency, dial 911. 


Email correspondence can never be guaranteed as 100% confidential. Therefore, please do not send information you consider to be sensitive through email.



If you are experiencing a behavioral crisis or a life-threatening emergency, you do not meet the criteria for outpatient counseling services.  Go to your nearest hospital emergency room, dial 911 or call the national crisis hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


Social Media 
In an effort to protect your confidentiality and preserve the professional boundaries of our therapeutic relationship, I  do not accept friend requests from clients on my personal social media accounts.  I also don't accept friend requests from active clients' family members.  Misti Luke, LCSW Private Practice has public social media pages you can follow here. 


Be aware, social networking sites such as Facebook are not secure forms of communication. Therefore,  please not use public wall postings, @replies, or other means of engaging with me in public online if you plan to become a client, as doing so could compromise your confidentiality.


Court Action/Legal Fees

Even though you are fully responsible for all testimony fees in the event you, or your attorney, call me to testify in court on your behalf, it does not mean that my testimony will be solely in your favor.  I can only testify to the facts of the case and to my professional opinion.  There will be a $400 nonrefundable retainer fee due 7 business days in advance of the court date.  If the case is reset within less than 72 business hours notice, the client will be charged an additional $250. 


Fees for preparation time, depositions, the time required to provide testimony, mileage to and from court are not included in the $400 nonrefundable retainer fee.  You will also be responsible for all attorney fees and costs incurred by me, the therapist, as a result of legal action.


Your privacy is extremely important. Client records are considered confidential.  All information disclosed in sessions is also considered confidential and will never be shared with any person or agency without your written consent, except upon receipt of a court order or legitimate subpoena.  Licensed mental health and substance abuse professionals are legally required to disclose information pertaining to child/elder abuse or when a client poses a risk to self or others. 


Discharge/Termination of Services

 Clients are discharged from counseling services once goals and objectives are met or sooner when appropriate.  Additional reasons for termination or discharge from counseling services can include, but may not be limited to; no sessions within the past 60 days, two consecutive no call/no show appointments, upon request of the client or clinician or when the client no longer meets criteria for outpatient services. 

For a complete list of practice policies or for questions about the above information, reach out via email,

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