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Misti Luke, LCSW Private Practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality outpatient,

behavioral health treatment in McCurtain County Oklahoma.   


 Scroll down to see available service options. 

Psychology Patient

Psychotherapy also known as counseling or talk therapy, allows you to openly talk about thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental, professional, and confidential setting.

Group Therapy

Group Psychotherapy is a form of counseling  where a small group meets regularly to safely identify and process common symptoms, experiences, and problems with each other under the guidance of a licensed therapist. 

Therapy Session

Comprehensive, clinical, substance abuse assessments for personal or legal purposes. (SASSI-4, ASI, TADD, MAST)

Therapy Session

Comprehensive, mental health evaluations for legal purposes administered, scored, and clinically interpreted by licensed master's level therapist. 

Group Discussion

Substance abuse group therapy is group psychotherapy that focuses on drug and alcohol addiction.  Certificate of completion available.

Stressed Man

Comprehensive anger assessments,

and anger management classes for legal purposes. 

Teenage Boy on Mobile Phone

Online counseling, also known as tele-therapy, is a convenient way of obtaining outpatient treatment using a HIPAA compliant live video platform.  Online counseling is for approved for Oklahoma residents only. 

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Substance Abuse Professional

Return to Duty Process

Online Option Avaiable


Private Pay

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Oklahoma Health Choice

Employee Assistance Programs

**Ask about additional pay source not listed above. 


Misti Luke, LCSW, Private Practice provides counseling, assessment, and therapy services to persons regardless of; gender, marital/family status, race, color, legal status, religious preference, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.


Misti Luke, LCSW, Private Practice operates from an equal worth ideology.  Because all people have internal, human worth without condition, each client is treated with unconditional respect and kindness.  


"Counseling is never one size fits all.  Each person comes with their own unique

set of symptoms, struggles, and concerns.


I pride myself on creating individualized, outpatient treatment tailored to suit each client's specific

needs using evidenced-based, integrated therapy techniques. 


My private practice is not your typical counseling agency atmosphere.  Clients enjoy a confidential,

relaxed setting, complete with coffee bar and vintage furnishings.

The ultimate goal of my counseling practice is to provide a nonjudgmental, safe space and ultimately to

assist each client in achieving a more balanced mental and emotional state of being. 


I believe in starting where the client is to uncover and build on innately possessed inner strengths because

long-lasting, meaningful change always comes from within."

Due to COVID-19, all services are available online. You can use your cell phone, tablet or computer to

receive all services offered through my practice practice. 

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