Did you recently fail a DOT drug test?   


If you failed a drug test on the job, Department of Transportation's Drug and Alcohol Regulations prohibit you from returning to safety-sensitive duties with any DOT-regulated company until you complete the DOT SAP return-to-duty process. 


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Is your company regulated by one of the six agencies governed by the US Department of Transportation? 


DOT SAP return-to-duty guidelines must be followed for any prospective employee/employee who is found to be operating in a safety-sensitive position while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Department of Transportation regulations requires all employers to provide their employees with the contact information of a SAP, even when the company has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy in place. 


With frequent updates and additions to the law, you can feel confident when you make a referral to Misti Luke, LCSW, that you have an approved SAP and are in full compliance with all DOT rules and regulations. 

Misti Luke, LCSW is a fully qualified Substance Abuse Professional, (SAP) in  McCurtain County Oklahoma. She's on standby to help when you need it most.
How does the SAP process work?


First, a confirmed DOT violation for alcohol or illicit drugs exists.  At that time, the employee must stand down from safety-sensitive duties, and cannot return to safety-sensitive duties until the employee completes the DOT-regulated return-to-duty process. 


Second, Employee schedules appointment for a face-to-face initial SAP assessment.  After the initial assessment, the SAP provides the employer/employee with the initial SAP report which includes a recommendation for drug or alcohol treatment or education.


Third,  Employee completes recommendation(s). 


Fourth, Employee attends a follow-up SAP evaluation.  This is known as the return-to-duty appointment.  SAP provides the employee/employer a copy of the follow- up SAP report detailing level of compliance with recommendations. 


Fifth, Get a clean drug/alcohol, test. This is known as the Return-To-Duty-Test.  This will be ordered by your present or future employer.


Sixth, Go back to work.  You are now free to resume safety-sensitive duties per Department of Transportation.