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Misti Luke, LCSW, Private Practice, provides  mental health evaluations, substance abuse assessments, and anger evaluations in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.  

Due to COVID-19, you can now obtain assessments from the comfort of your home using a cell phone, tablet or, computer.

All evaluations include a diagnostic interview combined with clinical screenings using evidence-based assessment tools.


The purpose of a behavioral health assessment is to determine whether or not criteria exist for a diagnosable mental health or substance use-related condition according to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). 


Individuals wishing to have their assessment or evaluation completed by Misti Luke, LCSW Private Practice in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, are recommended to first undergo a medical examination with their primary care doctor to rule out possibilities of a physical issue or condition. 

Mental Health and Substance Use Assessments in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Court Approved
100% Confidential

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